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Lawrenceville, Georgia – Monday 12th August 2019.

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Alexander Chiaha 

Chairman Conference Planning Committee

Lawrenceville, Georgia- Tuesday 13th August 2019

The International Longevity Alliance has been organizing a campaign in the month of October every year since the year 2013. It aims to promote the concept of healthy longevity around the world by combining the activities of many organizations and individual activists working to create awareness by research development and application for health and longevity. During the event, hundreds of publications and other promotional actions are organized within the framework of the campaign. These activities help to build up the longevity activism into a massive global grassroots movement with a sizable impact on public health and research policy.

So Rwanda is the destination to be this October.

For more information, do contact the organizers-
Alexander Chiaha
Chairman Conference Planning Committee

Christopher K. Haley

Lawrenceville, Georgia – Wednesday 21st August 2019.

The convergence of nano-bio-info-cognitive (the so-called NBIC) technologies has been hailed by series of commentators as new engine for socio-economic change and accelerators of a projected Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), an event bound to bear transformational impact on human institutions ranging from the economic and political to the cultural and ethical. What’s more? These emerging/converging technologies occupy and continue to remain at the heart of sci-tech advances both fuelling and as well inspired in turn by much of Transhumanist discourse and visions.

But then, despite decades of efforts expended in the direction both of technology transfer and indigenous innovation, the mass of humanity known as Africa still presents an unpleasant “left behind” tale of technological backwardness relative to other more advanced societies of the world. The attendant and consequential social, economic, environmental, cultural, etc., problems resulting from this crippling conditions in technological infrastructure comprise a bitter, open sore of a Continent paradoxically bustling with an abundance of potential for much better fortunes.
Now, not to sound in the cliche of tiresome motivational speakers, but yes, there is a kind of thinking that sees problems as, well, problems, and there is that other type that embrace problems as opportunities for positive change.

So, enter the ingenuous Transdiciplinary Agora for Future Discussions (TAFFDs) and its revolutionary “International Conference of Techno-Scientific Awareness in Solving 21st Century Problems”. For a taste, this conference, taking place between the 7th-11th October, 2019 at the University of Rwanda, comes with much promise in its design to have several world renowned industry experts, inventors, policy-makers, scholars, futurists and transhumanists all converging in the African city of Kigali, Rwanda, to brainstorm, exhibit innovations, exchange ideas, provide and deliberate on solutions, and pull together towards “inventing” a new future for Africa.

Adding further substance to this intervention of an event is an impressive line-up of global delegates: the Association of Professional Futurists, the Transhumanist Party, the International Institute of Forecasters, Singularity University, Lifeboat Foundation, Kurzweil Technologies, and much more of the finest and most credible in the tech and development industry.

It is said that for a revolution you need more than problems and weapons, but most importantly an idea (or ideas). A window of opportunity in ideas hereby opens through this seminal meeting for Africa to translate problems into solutions that would locate it on a trajectory for participation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, as well as secure for it a seat aboard the train headed for a transhuman era of civilization. Good news is, a league of vanguards are prepared to peep through, leap through, and lead on.
Just yesterday a friend of mine queried: “What can Transhumanism contribute to African development?” And for me, this drove home the fact that it is precisely for this concern that I shall be going to Rwanda come October.
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Beni Suef University, Egypt 

As part of the presidential initiative to restore the Egyptian state to its leading role in the African continent which is done through enhancing the exchange of experiences among the continent’s youth to develop their skills. We endorse this insightful conference for all well-meaning Egyptians and all African within and in the diaspora.

Our (SIRG) group decided to activate its role through its participation in this International Conference of Techno-Scientific Awareness in Solving 21st Century Problem(s) 2019 taking place in Rwanda as organized by TAFFD collaboration within the University of (Rwanda).
This academic and practical exercise will lead Africa to the Fourth Industrial and Technical Revolution by enhancing global resources for ambitious scientists, innovators and researchers to awaken their technical and scientific awareness.

فى اطار المبادرة الرئاسية لاستعادة الدولة المصرية لدورها الريادى فى القارة الافريقية وذلك من خلال تعزيز تبادل الخبرات بين شباب القارة لتنمية مهاراتهم 
فقد قرر الجروب تفعيل دوره من خلال مشاركته فى المؤتمر الدولي الرابع للتوعية العلمية 2019 المقام فى (رواندا)  بالتعاون مع جامعة رواندا والذى سيقود إفريقيا إلى الثورة الصناعية والتقنية الرابعة من خلال تعزيز الموارد العالمية امام العلماء والمبتكرين والباحثين الطموحين وذلك لإيقاظ وعيهم التقني والعلمي.

Dr. Ahmed Elngar
Founder and Chair of the Scientific Innovation Research Group (SIRG)

The Skill of Logical Thinking and the TAFFDs Conference! – Thursday 29th August,2019

Logical thinking is an art. One may tend to disagree at first because the mind and the thought process are supposed to be without any bindings. They are supposed to be free flowing. No doubts on that But our thoughts can be and should be reigned to think logically and constructively. This is the readon why seminars and conferences are so important for us. They feed the mind. They teach the mind to hone its thought process. The TAFFDs Techno Scientific Awareness Conference is exactly the kind of gathering where you would be met with luminaries and experts in the fields of mind training. The mind is a mine of creativity and futurism. We just need to train it for it to deliver us what we want. Thoughts may be free but for them to have some productive output they need to be channelised and streamlined. That is why attending a conference like the TAFFDs Conference becomes important and pertinent for us!

By- Sarita Sharma, Ph.D

WHY TAFFDs Techno Scientific Awareness Conference! – Thursday 29th August,2019

Importance of the TAFFDs Conference onTechno Scientific Awareness- you may wonder on why you should attend the TAFFDs Rwanda Conference. What would you benefit out of it? Well, let me tell you why it is a must attend-

1. It is very rarely that one gets an opportunity to meet so many experts of such diverse disciplines under one roof.

2. We are talking futurism here, we are talking transhumanism.  These are areas which are going to impact the way our lives will be lead in the days to come. You cannot miss the discourse on your own future.

3. The speakers are such experts in their respective fields that you cannot afford to not hear them speak on issues which concern the entire human race.

4. Moreover, the TAFFDs Conference joins hands with the International Longevity  Alliance which in itself is a grand campaign aiming at world health and longevity.

We can assure you that you will have much to gain from the Techno Scientific Awareness Conference at Rwanda this October. Your presence will be a small step forward at restoring the future. So be there!

By- Sarita Sharma, Ph.D


How do we undo bad leadership with the TRANSHUMANISTS AGENDA in Africa? This is the question that has brought much concern to humanity.According to the oxford dictionary, “Transhumanism” is the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.Africa, over a long period of time, has suffered the disease of bad leadership/governance. It is so because Africans have failed to grow beyond man’s physical ability. We still live in an era where the government is expected to so everything. And for that sake man has poisoned his heart with greed. Too much money is put in the system, but yet no returns, no development, no improvement. Moreso, private investors are going abroad to invest, because our government does not believe in the rapid growth of technology, so they block every road that leads to technological investments. They so wish us and our generations to die depending on them.So, that is why the “TAFFDs” in collaboration with the University of Rwanda will be coming up with the “Transhumanist Agenda” to Africa. To beat the odds of depending on bad governance and achieve successive growth and development in the technological sector whereby many applicants of this program will be fully loaded with bags of knowledge on Robotics and Internet of Things. There is no question that computer and Internet technology can and has improved many aspects of life and, if rightly put in place, has the potential to do so.Transhumanist thinkers, study the potential benefits and dangers of emerging technologies that could overcome fundamental human limitations as well as the ethical limitations of using such technologies. (Wikipedia). It is rooted that in the belief that humans can and will be enhanced by the genetic engineering and information technology of today, as well as anticipated advances, such as bioengineering, artificial intelligence, and molecular nanotechnology. ( part of this evolution in Rwanda where humans especially Africans, will use technology to enhance themselves.This program is brought to you by TAFFDs and the University of Rwanda, on Mon. 7th of Oct. To Fri. 11th Oct. 2019.Theme: 21st CENTURY INFORMATION TECH/DIGITIZATION AND SUSTAINABLE GOVERNANCE IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES.

By – Anthony U Nnaji (Pinkode)


The TAFFD’s is connecting African leaders, futurists, tech CEO’s, trans-human leaders, life extension scientists, vertical farming experts, inventors, innovators, AI enthusiasts, Professors, Entrepreneurs, Business Men, Politicians, Techpreneurs, Doctors etcetera, to the storming fourth industrial revolution at the silicon valley of Africa, Kigali Rwanda.

“Those who own their life, are those who make their life an adventure, in an adventure, there is no success or failure, there is just one thing ‘EXPERIENCE’ that’s the heroes journey, own your journey, own your life” Augustus Chukwu.

Why you should support and mustn’t miss it!!!,

1. {TAFFD’S} in collaboration with the University of Rwanda is set to storm with the international conference of techno-scientific awareness in solving 21st-century problems that are set to lead Africa to the fourth industrial revolution.

2. The world is quickly pivoting to decentralized technology systems, and it’s only through this system that transparency can be achieved in every system. 

3. To see how the Tech Hive will be created, help generate digital sharing economy. The IPG, individually propelled growth” trending will help in making positive changes in the economic challenges we are experiencing

4. It is an academic exercise that will involve both tech and biotech with real-world implication.

5. The first time in the history of Africa that, futurist, transhumanist, longevity scientist, vertical farming experts will be gathering to discuss how Africa can drastically improve leveraging technology.

6. It is part of the October longevity, organized by the international longevity alliance. We are making it happen.Now comes the pertinent question. Can the politics of abundance propagated by the transhumanist solve the problem of corruption?

What about the economic principles of individual propelled growth, IPG?.
We also wish to expose some of our world-class speakers like Philip Cotton, Anuraj Gambhir, Ira Pastor, Aubrey de Grey, and many more.

Just as a philosopher of fearism Osinakachi Akuma Kalu will state, The first rule of negotiating is, “be prepared for anything, but you can walk away if it’s not beneficial”.
This will be more than beneficial to Africa. 

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